About Our Macon, Georgia, Law Firm

With community roots dating back more than 50 years, Sell & Melton LLP has a long history of helping clients address complex legal matters. Today, we serve a wide range of business, government and individual clients, and practice in all of Georgia's federal and state courts.


In the representation we provide to our clients and in the relationships we have with judges, with court personnel, with adversaries, and within our firm, we are guided by our top three core values: quality of workethics and professionalism, and collegiality. As attorneys, we have a great sense of pride in our work and feel an even greater responsibility to uphold the best interests of our clients.

High-quality legal work: We understand that clients place a large amount of trust in our firm to help them resolve important legal matters. Our attorneys take great care to ensure our legal work meets the highest standard of excellence. Through continuous monitoring of new laws, a customized approach to each client’s issues, and meticulous research and analysis, we provide clients with a superior level of representation.

Ethics and professionalism:  Our attorneys believe that quality legal representation should uphold the integrity of both our firm and our clients. We have a deep respect for the legal process, and we provide clients with ethical solutions that stay within the boundaries of the law and professionalism. We have faith in our justice system and expect nothing more than our honest legal skill to obtain fair and just results.

Collegiality:  As professional lawyers, we believe our top priority is to serve the best interests of our clients. We achieve this goal by having a unified commitment to legal excellence. Working as a team, we call upon the strengths and experience of each attorney to achieve the best possible results. We recognize that our law practice is more than a livelihood. In our law practice and in our law firm, we seek to establish relationships that will enhance the quality of our lives and of those with whom we work. Our emphasis on collegiality has created a group of lawyers who truly support one another in our legal work, and our clients receive the benefit of this collaborative approach.

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